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One and-a-half handed custom´s sword Oakeshott XIIIa,1,I

Cat. number: MJ003   One and a half sword from swordmakery ElGur
Period: 1250 - 1400 AD
Place of discovery: Alexandria, the Arsenal
Original can be found: The Royal Armouries, Tower of London, IX915
Description: - double edged blade
- overall length 115 cm
- blade 90 cm
- blade width 4,5 cm
- cross Oakeshott type 1
- pommel Oakeshott type I
- wooden grip covered with leather
- weight (blunt) 1,5 kg
Type: Oakeshott XIIIa
Price: Contact us
Simpy and effective designed hand made custom´s sword Oakeshott XIIIa
There were changed type of pommel for wish of customer. Original has type of pommel J.

Similar original Oakeshott XIIIa can see here: http://sword-site.com/thread/523/oakeshott-type-xiiia-medieval-sword

You can customize your sword´s: handle, color, etc. (details in Custom´s sword order)
One and a half sword from swordmakery ElGur
One and a half sword from swordmakery ElGur
One and a half sword from swordmakery ElGur
Good day to all,

finally after a holiday and after recovering from sunstroke here finally got to training. And I could try my sword right in practice and appreciate its quality.
Appearance; At first look the hilt, blade and whole holding the sword in its balance suite perfect.
That shows the beauty and perfection of Swordmakery ElGur art. Holding the sword in the hands is very comfortable. The fencing quality surprised me in good, I mean. Especially light weight. The first time when I visited the workshop ElGur it was sometimes 8 or 9 years ago. I should look and tried a few swords. Since I did not want to Nowhere outside for a sword. It was really long time, but here a dream turned into reality. I recommend to all fencers and non-fencers.

Have a nice day and thanks again for a great smith handi-work of Swordmakery ElGur.
Sincerely, Paul B.
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