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One and-a-half handed sword

Cat. number: MJ001  
Period: 1300-1350 AD
Place of discovery: Unknown
Original can be found: Privat collection
Description: - double edged blade
- overall length 115 cm
- blade 90 cm
- blade width 4,5 cm
- coin-shaped pommel Oakeshott type I
- wooden grip covered with leather
- weight 1,5 kg
Type: Oakeshott XIIa
Price: 460Contact us
You can customize your sword´s: handle, color, etc. (details in Custom´s sword order)

Close to the end of the holidays I received your sword, I ordered. I was so looking forward to it, he has experienced a lot of patience before I had a sword finally home. As soon as I took him by the hand, so I knew it really was worth the wait. First impression was perfect. Better steel I did not hold in my life, but I did not want you to even write until the sword not try. Now with him actively fencing a first impression deepened. Again, I do not fencing with better steel in my life. Perfectly balanced, perfect weight, perfect length ... In this short e-mail I would like to thank. You are for me the favorite number no.1 and I will continue in recommendation the Swordmakery ElGur

Sincerely, Matěj T.


Joaquim R., Portugalsko

ElGur team,
The sword has arrived to my home.
I would like to thank you for all your support and commitment on this project, this was very important to me.
Regarding the sword, I have several swords in my collection but not has good has this one, this one is several steps above regarding quality of construction and finish . The sword is very well balanced and the blade is sharp, it is flexible in a way that gives the sword a good resistance. It is light for a sword of this size and very handful .
The scabbard it is very beautiful and very well done, a real gem to the eyes, a great historical item with excellent looks.
What can I say more..., I'm very happy with it.
In the future I hope to order a new sword from ElGur again, I love your work.
Thank you very much.

Best regards
Joaquim R., Portugal
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