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One and-a-half handed custom´s replica German Bastard sword Oakeshott XX,12,R

Cat. number: MJ016   German Bastard sword by swordmakery ElGur
Period: 1480-1550
Place of discovery: Unknown
Original can be found: Private collection

- double edged blade with 3 fullers
- overall length 132 cm
- blade 95 cm
- blade width 5,5 cm
- blade thickness 8 mm
- crossguard Oakeshott type 12
- pommel Oakeshott type R
- point of balance (CoG) 8 cm
- formed wooden grip covered with leather
- weight 1,6 kg

Type: Oakeshott XX
Price: Contact us
"One may with it resist many swords, or other weapons"
Giacomo Di Grassi, "His True Art of Defence", year 1594

As a first look, it´s weapon for true cavalier among the knights. The work is professional craftmentship in all details.
Blade is forged and grinded for experienced fencer or collector. Three fullers are not simply to made. we delivery it in details of geometry itself.
Decoration style of hilt is just engraved handiwork school. It´s done with patience & skills focus.
The grip shape has spiral-bound. Handle is made of oak wood. Grip core is wrapping by linen string and covered by leather.
To create the ball shape pommel is really fun. Blacksmiths knows.
Just look at shots!

The power of the two-handed weapon had not been forgotten!

More pohots can be found here: Swordmakery ElGur Facebook

You can customize your sword´s: handle, color, etc. (details in Custom´s sword order)
German Bastard sword by swordmakery ElGur
German Bastard sword by swordmakery ElGur
Tim S., USA
"Good morrow,
Receved your sword and I opened the box And was truly Amazed! !!!!!!! Its so very nice. It everything that I wonted and much more !!!!! Iam 100% SATISFIED with ElGur SWORD SWORDMAKERYThe scabbard is it a Perfect fit to the Sword and Completes the Hole Order Iam very happy with everything about this Sword Order .
I think after the new year ill be ordering a viking sword I really like your styles of viking but that's later Thank you gentalmen of ELGUR. You have made this American swordsmen very Happy. Its truly a Honer and a pleasure Michael doing bizness with you and Red Gur. Much respect Tim Seaton.

I truly want to thank the gentalmen of swordmakery ElGur. The sword they created for me is a masterpiece and the craftmenship and there attention to Deal was PERFECT"

Much respect Tim Seaton.
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