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© ART sword - project „Raven´s swords“ - design Swordmakery ElGur, year 2016

Cat. number: C0012   Raven´s swords Custom´s sword Oakeshott XIX Swordmakery ElGur
Period: 1450 - 1465
Place of discovery: Portugal, Spain Own and custom´s design
Original can be found: © Design - Swordmakery ElGur & customers

- double edge ricaso sharp blade
- overall length 95 cm
- blade 81 cm
- blade width 4,3 cm
- crossguard Oakeshott type: unclassified, complex
- pommel type A
- point of balance (CoG) 9 cm
- wooden grip covered with skate´s leather
- weight 1,25 kg
- decorated by silver & pearls & black surface

Type: Oakeshott XIX
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These swords were created as wedding gift.

Story of creation:
After reading both of your life stories that describe the meeting and development of your mutual journey, we decided to create two swords and one scabbard. The swords symbolize each of you. The scabbard connects the two swords, two parts become one unit, and makes a blending of both.
The fire-blackened pommel has a fine structure. The main theme is a raven sitting on one half of the pommel, which is looking for something. A white pearl, representing the full moon, is embedded beside the raven on the other half of the pommel. The raven is inlaid with silver. The surface of the wrought silver has an interesting texture. The eye of the raven is a red stone. The beak touches the imaginary central axis of the pommel, this is very important. The whole shows us the lonely raven (one of you) sitting in the shine of Luna. The scene depicted on the pommel takes place over the World, beyond what can normally be seen.
The grip, whose surface reminds a vision of a stary sky where the story is being told, is covered with black ray skin. The iron rings are between the pommel and the grip and also between the grip and the crossguard. The arch of the crossguard makes the horizon and it protects a user against danger and sharpness of the blade – (blade as the World).
The swords reflect each other. The whole is based on DUALISM (everything has two sides, one can not exist without the other etc.). It leads to wonderful effect if both swords are inserted back to back into the scabbard and they are dancing (spinning). As everything fits perfectly in partnership, wonderful and unique relationship is created. The mirror images of the two ravens interconnect in a circle into a single image. Loneliness and the feeling of separateness are no longer present. Both ravens touch each other in one endless kiss. Souls merge in the present moment. This surrender is a matter of the Heart. The heart can also be seen in the dance of swords (when spinning). It is formed by the line of the bottom part of the ravens' beaks and their chests. Mirror-nestled pearl (Luna) appears above the head of the second raven. It symbolizes love for one another and, that love is above everything.
Symbol of the Moon, its arising and passing, its recurrent phases – a symbol of eternal principle of life and death. Luna is associated with a woman and water. It links the feminine energy. It lays emphasis on the woman's power to regular renewal and rhythmical varying.
Symbol of pearls is more extensive. Pearls symbolize the path, social life, imagination ... A pearl hides and subordinates, changes and reappears.
In order to reveal this hidden message, the holes were created at the both ends of the crossguard. Thread a string through the openings and make a sling above the pommel, so the sword can hang and rotate. By the movement directed into the crossguard you can make it dance. The two ravens dancing in a circle refer to your meeting in the ring, to your dance.

Author „Jan Motyčka“ will & testament:
„When I thought about the symbolism of linking of you two, my thoughts kept returning to those times when you fence together and call it dance. From this came the idea to let the swords and the ravens dance together. I personally do a lot of dancing and share my enthusiasm for it with my life partner. I like the symbolism of the dance itself, when there is a connection between two individualities. Both of them must remain themselves and simultaneously adapt to one another, which takes a lot of will and hard work. All of these contribute to beautiful and fulfilled relationship.“

Based collection sword Oakeshott XIX of Instituto de Valencia de Don Juan in Madrid, Spain

This type of hilt - very well developed for its period - is shown very often in art, particularly in the painting by Nuňo Goncalves of grandees at the court of Alfonso V of Portugal in the period c.1450-65

Publication: Laking, op.cit. vol.I.; Puricelli-Guerra, Arturo, Armi in Occidente, Milanno, 1966, No.25.

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Team of Swordmakery ElGur
Jan Motyčka​ & Josef Štol​ & Michal Kuzník​

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Raven´s swords Custom´s sword Oakeshott XIX Swordmakery ElGur
Raven´s swords Custom´s sword Oakeshott XIX Swordmakery ElGur
Raven´s swords Custom´s sword Oakeshott XIX Swordmakery ElGur
Raven´s swords Custom´s sword Oakeshott XIX Swordmakery ElGur
Raven´s swords Custom´s sword Oakeshott XIX Swordmakery ElGur
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