Sword type K according to Peterson

Ballinderry Sword


Date: 800-900
Find-place: Ballinderry bog drainage ditch, Ireland
Original can be found: National museum of Ireland, Dublin

This replica is made according to one of the best-preserved 9th century swords. The original sword can be found in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, see http://www.museum.ie/. The sword was found in Ballinderry, Ireland. The sword is referred to the type K in Petersen’s Typology, thus dating back to the 9th century.

The sword (replica) is adjusted for fencing. The head of sword is made from two parts which are riveted together in exactly the same way as the original. Both head and partition are decorated with floral designs, using the ancient method of hand engraving.

In comparison to the replica of Ballinderry sword, the original’s head and lower guard were covered in silver. The blade bears the inscription +ULFBERHT+ and the inner part of the partition bears +HILTIPREHT+ http://livinghistory.cz/node/420
We are able to make exact replica of original, damask inscription on the blade included.

More details could be found here: myArmoury.com

– double edged blunt blade
– overall length 96 cm
– blade 80 cm
– blade width 5,8 cm
– hand engraved pommel & crossguard
– wooden grip covered with leather
– point of balance (PoB) 15 cm
– weight (blunt) 1,3 kg

K according to Petersen, Wheeler type IV.