Special training sword – Deluxe Fechtschwerdt/training sword

Sword for demanding users. This weapon has been designed to provide maximum performance with its behavior like a sharp sword. Behind its development stand sword master Petr Matousek (Guildam Gladiatorum) and master sword maker Jan Motycka (Gur Swordmakery), which together joined their experiences and expertise in this project.

The prototype showed a need, to change some of the primordial parameters and thanks to that, our weapon gained a feature hallmark of the top sword.

Sword is meant for those who already know what they want, and wish to have an extraordinary weapon, which is not only functional, but also presentable.

There are no sharp angles on the whole weapon. That allows safer and at the same time more dynamic use – fencing. The blade is balanced in a way, to lead the tip towards a target, which is making it heavier in hands, but lighter during hewing.

The edge is cut into an ellipsoid along the whole length. Thus, it is very resistant against tears and practically prevents “teeth formation” on the edge. The width is purposely changing, depending on the weak and strong of the sword, in order to best transfer powers in the bind. In the strong of the sword is an elegant cannelure, which not only decorates, but also, above all, gracefully bolds the blade. On the blade are etched marks following the example of Pasov workshops, but the symbols themselves are original. The shield is broader in order to bear enough round shapes and so allows full transfer of power during slicing and still maintains safety.

The handle is two-part and prevents unexpected slide during hold. Leather is ornated with beautiful filigree patterns, fitting a Renaissance decoration.

The pommel is deeply cut in a curled shape and it represents a dignified dominant of the whole weapon. On its top is a decorative rivet, which finishes the masterpiece.

The whole weapon feels massive to majestic in comparison with its predecessor Paratschwert Standard, but in hands feels like a feather.

– double edged blade
– overall length 133 cm
– blade length 100 cm
– point of balance (CoG) 7 cm
– centre of percussion (CoP) 65 cm
– pivot points P1 29 cm
– wooden grip covered with linen string then leather wrapped
– weight 1,8 kg