Sword type X, 1, A (13)

Original sword:

Date: about 1100 or earlier
Find-place: unknown
Original can be found: Ex Wilczec Collection, Landemuseum, Zurich. 16203

One of the classic swords type X, 1, A typical for its wide blade, wide fuller and with brazil nut shapped pommel.

This particular sword has a slightly bigger pommel than swords of similar type. Typical for this sword is certain blade with fuller wider than one third of the blade width. The length of the fuller nearly touches the tip of the blade.

Sword type: X
Cross-style: 1
Pommel-type: A

Few information about our replica:

Our replica is inspired by this beautiful sword, that can be found for example in the book Records of the Medieval Sword by Ewart Oakeshott.
The replica is adjusted for fencing. Some dimensions are modified when compared to the original.

– double edged blunt blade
– overall length 101,3 cm
– blade 86,5 cm
– blade width 5,7 cm
– blade thickness at crossguard 0,6 cm
– balance point (BP) 13 cm
– vibration node (N) 60 cm
– aft pivot point (P2) 32 cm
– forward pivot point (P1) 64 cm
– wooden grip covered with linen and leather wrapped
– weight 1,57 kg

Recommended literature:
Oakeshott, E (1991). Records of the Medieval Sword
Das Schwert – Gestalt und Gedanke / The Sword – Form and Thought