Sword type XII, 1, I1 – inlaid lily pommel

Date: 1300-1400
Find-place: unknown
Original can be found: Märkisches Museum Berlin, Germany

– double edged blunt blade
– overall length 97,5 cm
– blade length 81 cm
– width of blade 5 cm
– thickness of blade 6 mm
– crossguard Oakeshott type 1
– inlaid lily pommel Oakeshott type I1
– point of balance (CoG) 9,5 cm
– center of percussion (CoP) 55 cm
– wooden grip covered with linen and wrapped in leather
– weight (blunt) 1,39 kg

„The sword I once admired in one book. That intrigued me with its interesting eight edges pommel shape, Oakeshott type I1. Particularly beautiful fine & gently made inlaid lily in the center. I’m glad I got the opportunity to create it for the customer. The pommel is more massive than classic one and it balances the whole sword. This shifts the pivot point up almost to the tip. The sword has excellent reactions during movements.“

Blade Oakeshot XII
Hand forged type XII is the archetypical knightly single-handed sword. It is a well-balanced weapon to be used with a shield or without, mounted or on foot. This is probably the most common sword to be found during the High Middle Ages. These swords almost always exhibit the characteristic fuller and taper steadily to an acute point.

The crossguard Oakeshott type 1
Style is little curved and elegant form of 1. One of the simplest forms, this cross is simply a straight bar of metal which is tapered towards the ends. Cross-section is square. 

The pommel Oakeshott type I1
In fact it is type I except that the broad chamfers have been cut into octagonal facets. This type was popular in the 14th and 15th centuries. Hand made inlaid lilies in the center with fine & gently attention. Sense for details could be seen in the same imprint (little excenter).

The handle
The handle is made from dry beech wood, reinforced by linen. Made for comfortable grasp. Surface is made of fine coloured leather.

Original information:
Deep hollow-ground blade in upper half; lower half welded with broken tip. Rounded four-sided squared cross-guard; biconical, faceted iron pommel with two inlaid standing lilies in a circle.

Original measurements (look at the picture):
Overall length: 100 cm (39.4″); Blade length: 81 cm (31.9″); Blade width: 5,3 cm (2.1″); Weight: 1150 g (2.54 pounds)

Source original info:
myArmoury Facebook
The book Europäische Hieb und Stichwaffen (Müller Kölling), pp. 164

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