Sword type XXa – © Design – Swordmakery ElGur

Date: 1400-1450
Find-place: none
Original can be found: © Design – Swordmakery ElGur

– double edged sharp blade
– overall length 122 cm
– blade 95 cm
– blade width 5 cm
– crossguard Oakeshott type 5 
– pommel Oakeshott type V
– formed wooden grip covered with leather 
– point of balance (CoG) 8,5 cm
– weight (sharp) 1,7 kg

Our own design. The birthday gift for experienced fencer.
At first glance we can observe three dominating elements. Precise blade, decorative style of crossguad and fishtail pommel. 
The similar blade could be find in Bayerische Nationalmuseum, Munich or in the publication of Ewart Oakeshott – Records of the Medieval Sword.

The blade itself is not easy to create. Especially the fullers, which converge.
Forging and polishing of the crossguard was demanding and time-consuming. The result makes the sword looking unusually.
The sword seems to be heavy, but its weight is only 1,6 kg.