Sword type XVIa,6,T

Date: 1350
Find-place: unknown
Original can be found: Deutschen Klingenmuseum, Germany

– double edged sharp blade
– overall length 105,6 cm
– blade lenght 88,1 cm
• blade width 4,7 cm
• wooden handle covered with leather
• weigth (sharp) 1,3 kg

– crossguard type 6
– pommel version type T

Type: Oakeshott XVIa

This sword is a replica with little adjustments of the sword described above. It can be found in the publication Das Schwert / The Sword, page 98. The pommel is true rarity among preserved swords.

Das Schwert / The Sword. Grotkamp-Schepers, Barbara; Immel, Isabell; Johnsson, Peter; Wetzler, Sixt
The Sword – Form and Thought, (on the occasion of the same named special exhibition in the Deutschen Klingenmuseum from the 26th of SEP 2015 till the 28th of FEB 2016), Solingen 2015, 192 pages, numerous pictures.