Catalogue – Sword projects

Design Swordmakery ElGur, year 2016

Sword inspired by customer’s life story

„When I was thinking about the symbolism of linking of you two, my thoughts kept returning to those times when you fenced together and called it dance. From this came the idea to let the swords and the ravens dance together. I personally do a lot of dancing and share my enthusiasm for it with my life partner. I like the symbolism of the dance itself, when there is a connection between two individualities. Both of them must remain themselves and simultaneously adapt to one another, which takes a lot of will and hard work. All of these contribute to beautiful and fulfilled relationship.”

Design Swordmakery ElGur, year 2014

Sword inspired by customer’s life story

The sword was ordered as a wedding gift. Complicated time had passed before the sword was born – my divorce. I doubted from time to time if I will be able to finish it, but now I’d like to thank to my customer for his patience and understanding of my situation.