How to order


With special details we need to make order:

With details of price and the way of paying (cash on the bank account):
Our EUR bank account for customers paing by Euro: IBAN: CZ1120100000002301167751, SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX
Our bank account for other countries: IBAN: CZ7420100000002101167749, SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX
We recommend to use TransferWise. It is free bank transfer
50% of price is paid before making the sword/scabbard/quiver etc., at the beginning of the order
The order is conditioned by sending prepayment to our bank account.

PS: Mind the laws of your country please. For example: Shipping a sword to Denmark (and other specific countries) requires the copy of collector’s permission before a sword leaves our swordmakery.

As soon as we receive your payment, we will confirm it by sending you an email.
You will get a code (for example 20110204) under which you can find your order in the waiting list.


As soon as the order is finished, we send a notice together with request for paying the rest of the amount to our bank account.
As soon as we post the product, we send you an email with the proof of delivery.
Abroad: It usually takes about 14 days to deliver the parcel by plane in the EU. It takes about 30 days to deliver the parcel out of the EU.
You can track your packet on the website of the Czech post here …

Order of the sword:

The subject: Order of the sword with scabbard (example) C0007 / U006

The body of the email:

Catalogue number: C0007 (or if you wish to order a replica or a sword/scabbard based on your own design, then send us its outline/drawing/a picture of the original with detailed measurement description or in typology/classification according to Oakeshott, Peterson, Wheeler, Geibig, Behmer (blade, crossguard, grip, pommel, decoration)
Type of blade: sharp or battle ready (blunt, 2 mm edge along the whole blade)
If you are an expert and ask for the special: please attach the balance point, pivot points, nodes on the sword you wish
Length of the grip of one-handed sword: 11,3 cm / 4,44″
Circumference (thumb and forefinger) of the grip at the crossguard for comfortable hold: 7 cm (if you do not know how to measure it: large, medium or small hand)
Colour of the grip leather: (standard in three colours) dark brown, chestnut or black
If you wish some decorating of the sword, please attach pictures in good quality and describe the details. Add the font to the inscriptions, too.
Means of delivery: Czech post to the whole world by plane or personal collection

Your personal figures:
full name
delivery address
phone number




Order of the scabbard:

The subject : Order of the scabbard

The body of the email:

Catalogue number: (example) U006
Type of scabbard: wooden core covered by leather
Type of chape: your own or according to our proposal
Type of locket: your own or according to our proposal
Leather colour: dark brown, chestnut or black
Type: for left-handed or right-handed user
Waist circumference: for example 98 cm / 38,5″
Total length of the belt with buckle and belt end
Width of the belt: for example 3 cm / 1,18″ (we make it according to the buckle)
Used buckle(s) and strap end/belt end: your own or provided by us
Decoration on the belt and used materials (silver, brass…)
Position of decorations on the belt (a picture with orientation of the image would be helpful)
Decoration of leather: If you wish your own design, send us its outline, drawing or a picture of original.

Your personal figures:
full name
delivery address
phone number