Special training sword – Splendour Light

Date: 1580-1620

A sword for demanding customers

Even though this training sword looks more massive that its simpler “brother”, it is almost the same when it comes to its weight and the point of balance. The sword is good to work with and it is also comfortable when cutting and binding. Taper helps a lot – the gradual reduction of thickness from the guard to the tip.

The grip is shaped, so the user feels more comfortable to hold the sword. The grip is decorated with floral motifs and the negative area is filled with tiny circles as it is often found in historical finds.

The pommel is hand-decorated with deep helix and is finished with a washer and the rivet.

– double edged blade
– overall length 133 cm
– blade length 100 cm
– point of balance (CoG) 5 cm
– wooden grip covered with leather
– weight 1,7 kg