Svord type H – Stare Mesto

Our replica is inspired by finding of the sword from the grave 223/51 in Staré Město, Na Valách.

The original sword:
The sword has a massive crossguard, that is slightly narrowed towards the ends. From above the crossguard is lens-shaped. It is lightly angled.
The pommel is composed of two pieces, upper crossguard and a crown. The crown is cone-shaped with flattened point.
Both the pommel and the crossguard are decorated by vertical brass wire inlay.

According to the shape, the sword can be classified as type H.

Our replica
It is a collective project of two workshops. Our own and King’s Craft ( Roman Král) workshop. We would like to thank the customer, who initiated this project and who provided materials. Thanks as well to Radek Ješko, who made a hand-carved base for the scabbard.

The blade of the sword is adjusted for fencing. Unlike the original, the inlay was made of silver wire.

– double edge blunt blade
– overall length 88,5 cm
– blade 72,5 cm
– blade width 5,2 cm
– blade thickness 5,5 mm
– wooden grip covered with leather
– weight 1,34 kg

The scabbard for this sword was not preserved, therefore we proceeded from the analogies for that period and area. The sabbard has a wooden core covered with linen. In the upper part is placed a wooden bridge for fastening the belt, that is covered with leather. The belt has a buckle, three-leaf and a strap-end, that are also silver wire inlayed.

Staré Město, Velkomoravské pohřebiště, Na Valách – Vilém Hrubý
České země od příchodu Slovanů po Velkou Moravu II – Zdeněk Měřínský
Břeclav-Pohansko. I, Velkomoravské pohřebiště u kostela: archeologické prameny z pohřebiště –
František Kalousek