Sword type M – Dovre (C59045)

Date: Late ninth century
Find-place: Dovre, Norsko (C59045)
Original can be found:

Our replica:

Our replica is inspired by the sword from Dovre, Norway (C59045). Description of the original can be also found in David’s article: http://sagy.vikingove.cz/mece-petersenova-typu
The sword is sharp. The blade is 3 cm shorter than the original. Welded iron was used for both the lower and the upper crossguards.


– double edged blade
– overall length 86 cm
– blade length 74 cm
– width blade 5,9 cm
– point of balance (CoG) 19 cm
– center of percussion (CoP) 51 cm
– the wooden grip is wrapped with linen string and covered with leather cord
– weight 1,12 kg


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