High Middle Ages swords – Xa, 1, D

Original sword:

Date: mid-13th century
Find-place: Germany
Original can be found: not mentioned

Heavy two-edged blade with narrow fuller on both sides. The blade was broken
and restored in its lower third. One side bears a copper inlay showing a heraldic shield. Strong, square-shaped
crossguard with bevelled edges. Strong tang (tongue) with a big pommel of pagode or cocked-hat style. 

Sword type: Xa
Cross-style: 1
Pommel-type: D

Few information about our replica:

– double edged blunt blade
– overall length 111 cm
– blade 87,5 cm
– blade width 5,2 cm
– blade thickness at crossguard 0,6 cm
– balance point (BP) 13 cm
– vibration node (N) 58 cm
– forward pivot point (P1) 64 cm
– wooden grip covered with linen and leather wrapped
– weight (sharp) 1,3kg

Recommended literature:
Oakeshott, E (1991). Records of the Medieval Sword
Das Schwert – Gestalt und Gedanke / The Sword – Form and Thought