Sword type XII, 2, J

Date: 1250 – 1350 AD
Find-place: Scandinavia
Original can be found: Private Collection

– double edged blunt blade
– tottal length 95,5 cm
– blade length 80 cm
– width blade at cross 4,5 cm 
– blade thickness at cross 6 mm 
– crossguard Oakeshott type 2, octagonal shape 
– pommel type J, 5 cm in diameter
– point of balance (CoG) 8 cm 
– formed wooden grip covered with leather
– weight (blunt) 1,25 kg

Just archetypal knightly sword used in middle age.

These blades are known to swell slightly in width just below the hilt, before the edges begin their virtually straight run to the point. Fullers generally run to around, or just over, half the length of the blade, creating a tip area that is wide and flat and is optimized for shearing blows. The cross-section of these blades is best defined as lenticular.

The handle is made anatomical of dry beech wood, strenghtened by linen. Fit the measurement of customer hand. Made for comfortable grip. Surface is made of double pigment´s red leather.

Jiří H.. Czech Republic

As you promised and we agreed the sword has a weight and balance. It fits perfect at hands. The weight and the blade of the sword quickly go back to the guard position during the fencing. It gives the feeling that it is lighter than it really is. The blade of crossguard progressively get thinner to the tip. The blade is solid at the crossguard. The last third of blade is flexing.
Handicraft quality is unmatched, carefully maked to details thtt I did not want him use for practice fencing 🙂 Finally I want to thank you for a weapon that is not only fully functional but also beautiful. And so it should be.
I’ll be in touch again …