Forging and hardening

The blade

We always use a new material for the blades of replicas (swords, paratschwerts, rapiers, sabers, tusks…), because there is higher danger of hidden inner defects in the old material.
In some cases (swords, paratschwerts, tusks), the blades are forged in the smithy.
The grooves are not milled, they are forged by hand or hand-grounded. The purpose of the grooves is to firm the blade, similar to an I profile in the construction industry.


The blades are industrially hardened in the hardening specialized in 54SiCr6 (spring steel) material. Thus, the best results are achieved and the quality remains under our control. The blades are hardened to the values ​​of 51 +/- 1 HRc. Reaching these values, the steel combines​​ an ideal ratio of hardness, elasticity and toughness, which ensure long-life of the product.


Each blade undergoes a test of hardness after the hardening. Then we subject the blade to the test of flexibility and strength.
We do these tests to minimize the risk of damage.