Scabbard from the 12th – 14th century

Date: 12th – 14th century

One of the most popular scabbards based on historical documentation. 

The scabbard is handmade by ancient technology. 
The base is light and solid alder wood. The core is hand carved. The entire core is reinforced by linen.
The body is covered with leather, that is dyed with double-pigment colours. Leather is hand-sewn by linen thread on the back side of the scabbard.
Belts straps are stored in the “beds”, that are formed by straps under the leather. It makes a practical support against moving the belts.

– leather scabbard 
– the core is made of suitable wood 
– core is reinforced by cloth 
– fitting for the sword

Take a look at the photo galery, where you can see pictues from the making process.