Sword type H according to Peterson (NM 18402:1)

Date: 775-960
Find-place: Peltorinne, Hämeenlinna (Tavastehus), Häme, Finland
Original can be found: Suomen kansallismuseo in Helsinki

This type holds an exceptional position due to the broad time period. It is also the most numerous of all the sword types from the Viking Age. This very common type of sword can be found in many publications. Good example is literature: “Swords of the Viking Age – Ian Peirce” or http://www.vikingsword.com/petersen/ptsn089h.html

Blade of this type largely conform to the same outline as blades of Type 2, though they are somewhat shorter and proportionately slimmer. The primary difference, however, is to be found in the taper ratio of the fuller over the first 15.75″ of length.

The handle consists of wide guards with an elliptic cross section. The upper guard is especially wide. The guards are slightly curved, or in the older specimens, clearly ridged upper sides. It is good to know they are seldom entirely flat. The pommel has three sides, so it has a wide base. The pommel in the most usual type is always connected to the upper guard by rivets.

Our replica:
Our relica is inspired by the sword described above. The replica is adjusted for fencing and has got an iron pommel coloured in fire, besides other things, unlike the original.

– double edge sharp blade
– overall length 97 cm
– blade 79,5 cm
– blade width 5,7 cm
– blade thickness 6 mm
– point of balance (CoG) 9 cm
– center of percussion (CoP) 54 cm
– pivot point (V2) 54 cm
– wooden grip covered with leather
– weight 1,34 kg

Petersen H, Wheeler II., Geibig 3 blade/ 5 pommel