Special training sword – Paratschwert Standard

Date: 1580-1620
Find-place: unknown
Original can be found: Landesmuseum, Zürich

Training sword, or as it is depicted on the only depiction from Maximilian’s march – Paratschwerdt

It is known today, that for sword-fight training were traditionally used training weapons. Few originals survived till today in museums. The sword you can order, was gradually developed in cooperation of St. Michael’s Guild with sword master Petr Matousek in the leading position http://www.cechsvmichaela.cz/, and sword maker Jan Motycka. The present form preceded prototypes of the weapon, which showed after several years of testing and using, how it should look like.

The design was taken from an original piece from the museum in Zurich. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JzYSDvouF34/TojEDvK-vNI/AAAAAAAAAD0/5X8DlArZMeg/s1600/federschwert.jpg

The target was to bring to the market a weapon possibly identical with originals, yet sufficiently durable in order to endure the work with weapons made by other producers. It successfully happened. The sword has dimensions and weight equal to the original training swords and it is very durable. Thanks to that it is suitable for beginners, whom “forgives” insufficiency in controlling of the weapon, as well as for advanced and experienced sword fighters, who will appreciate its battle performance.

The blade is purposely hard up to its first third – so called Schwech – the weak of the sword, thanks to that it behaves very well in bindings. There are no unnecessary sharp edges all over the sword, which would force to over-care during fencing. Length of the handle is sufficiently big for comfortable manipulation on both edges and flats, regardless the size of fencer’s hands.

Hardness of the sword is optimal. Blade has a special construction and an optimal hardness, there’s no “teeth” effect due to clashing and it is maintained a general flexibility, thanks to that the sword doesn’t break easily.

It is top and universal training sword, suitable for everybody! Over last seven years there was not a single one broken by the members of St. Michael’s Guild.

– double edged blade
– overall length 135 cm
– blade length 100 cm
– crossguard length 27 cm
– crossguard Oakeshott type 1, octagonal
– pommel Oakeshott type T, pear-shaped
– point of balance (CoG) 4,5 cm
– wooden grip covered with leather
– grip length with pommel 34 cm
– weight 1,65 kg
– flexibility 7-9%