Sword Wallace collection A464

Date: around 1380
Find-place: unknown
Original can be found: Wallace collection, London A464

– double edged blunt blade without fuller
– overall length 99 cm
– blade 79 cm
– width of blade 3,5 cm
– thickness of blade 5,7 cm
– point of balance (CoB) 6,5 cm
– N2 53 cm
– P1 79 cm
– P2 17 cm
– wooden grip covered with linen and wrapped in leather 
– weight (blunt) 1,35 kg

The sword is inspired by the finding: http://wallacelive.wallacecollection.org/eMuseumPlus?service=direct/1/ResultLightboxView/result.t1.collection_lightbox.$TspTitleImageLink.link&sp=10&sp=Scollection&sp=SfieldValue&sp=0&sp=0&sp=2&sp=Slightbox_3x4&sp=0&sp=Sdetail&sp=0&sp=F&sp=T&sp=0

The replica is adjusted for fencing.
The blade is double edged without any fuller. The pommel has got a triangular shape, it is rounded on the top, type T.1 according to Oakeshott. The crossguard is straight with a nose.
The sword has got a massive heavy pommel, that allowed moving the point of balance (CoB) closer to the crossguard. CoB is 6,5 cm from the crossguard. Distribution of the material, blunt grinding and placement of the pommel set the pivot point P1 on the tip of the sword and the pivot point P2 at a distance of 17 cm from the crossguard. The sword does not resist and behaves naturally when rewinding to different positions.

Ewart Oakeshott “Records of the Medieval Sword”
The Wallace collection http://www.wallacecollection.org/