Sword type XII, 2, I from Boskovice

Date: 1170-1330 
Find-place: area of former urban spa in Boskovice
Original can be found: Museum of Boskovice region’s collection in Boskovice, Invent. No. 5942

– double edged blunt blade
– overall length 100,6 cm
– blade length 84,5 cm
– blade width 5,5 cm
– blade thickness at the crossguard 7 mm
– blade thickness at the tip 2,3 mm
– decorative underlay beneath the tang
– point of balance (CoG) 9 cm
– centre of percussion (CoP) 58 cm
– customized wooden grip wrapped with linen string and covered with leather
– etched writings in the fullers
– weight (blunt) 1,67 kg

Our replica was inspired by finding of the sword from the set of the Museum of Boskovice region’s collection in Boskovice, Invent. No. 5942.

According to extant information, the sword was supposed to gain from area of former urban spa.

The total length of the weapon is 1060 mm. The blade is 845 mm long and it is double edged. It continuously gets narrower on both sides towards the distinctive tip from original 65 mm at the crossguard. It is similar with its decreasing thickness. It is 7 mm at the crossguard and 23 mm on the tip.

The blade has got wide and deep fullers on both sides of it, which end roughly in three quarters of the total length of the blade. The blade continues into the tang with length of 215 mm. The width of the blade gets narrower on both sides towards the pommel from original 34 to 15 mm. The thickness is decreasing from 8 to 5 mm towards the pommel. The crossguard is oblong, in some places almost circular section with slightly widen ends. It is attached to the tang. The thickness of the crossguard varies between 12-9 mm. The total length of the crossguard is 190 mm. The pommel is riveted together with the tang. The pommel is approximately circular, its diameter is 51 mm. The pommel extends in side view towards the tang from original 42 mm to 45 mm. The end of the tang is supported with decorative underlay and is riveted together. The total weight of the weapon in the surviving condition is 1442 g. Its centre of gravity was measured at a distance of about 175 mm from the crossguard.

According to E. Oakeshott:
The blade is similar to type XII. Blades of this type are generally date back to 1170-1330.
The pommel type I.
The crossguard type 2.

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