The sword type Z according to Peterson

Date: 980-1050
Find-place: Sollerön, Dalarna, Sweden
Original can be found: Kulturhistoriska Museet in Stockholm

– double edged blunt blade with fuller
– overall length 97 cm
– blade length 80 cm
– width of blade 5 cm
– thickness of blade 5,7 mm
– point of balance (CoB) 12 cm
– Center of percussion (CoP) 55 cm
– wooden grip, cord wrapping, covered with decorated leather
– weight (blunt) 1,35 kg

The sword was inspired by sepulchral finding:

The sword is adjusted to demands of customer. We can spot the differences between the original and the replica in lenght & width of blade and lenght of handle (note: the lenght of grip in originals is not too long as you can see at the picture)
The blade is generally used Geibig type 4. The blade at the picture is blunt, suitable for fencing practice.
The highlihts of grip are five-lobed pommel with eyes and downturned spatulate guard, typical of Z type according to Petersen typology. It was decorated by spiral wire.

Special thanks to:
1. Peter Johnsson, who consulted the base measurement and used the picture of original sword to comparison.
2. Roman Král & David Stříbrný (Marobud) & Petr Florianek, who helped us to search details and pictures of original sword.
3. Julien Journeau, who revealed us the museum, where the original can be found.

Source: Fedir Androshchuk “Viking swords”